A luxury holiday to Puerto Rico is unlike any other Caribbean experience, for this alluring archipelago has been moulded by a colourful history of culture. Claimed by Columbus in the 1400s and then won by the US some four centuries later, both Latino and American influences are prominent, yet the laid back Caribbean way of life still prevails.

Puerto Rico’s landscape is equally varied, comprising dazzling beaches, coral-crusted islands and forested mountains. The shallow, tropical waters make it fantastic for a diving or snorkelling holiday, while fishing, kayaking and surfing are popular activities above water. You can hop between the many tiny islands of the archipelago by boat, and don’t miss the rare opportunity to witness the magical bioluminescent bays at night, when the waters are lit up by millions of tiny plankton.

But a holiday in Puerto Rico is not all about the beach; the old colonial district of San Juan is rich in 17th and 18th century forts and crumbling historical architecture, while the misty El Yunque rainforest is packed with natural pools and hiking routes, and numerous coffee plantations have been transformed into museums offering a fascinating insight into the islands’ agricultural history.

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El Yunque rainforest. Located on the slopes of the Sierra de Luquillo mountains, this flourishing tropical forest is teeming with plant and animal life and is the only one of its kind in the US National Forest System.

Eclectic culture. Shaped by Spanish, American and Caribbean influence, Puerto Rico’s intriguing history has created a fascinating culture unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Bioluminescent bays. Home to the largest bioluminescent bay in the world, Puerto Rico’s waters transform into a spectacular light show after dark, when millions of tiny plankton illuminate the waters.

Beautiful beaches. There is no shortage of gorgeous white sand beaches in Puerto Rico – we particularly love Flamenco Beach: a secluded reef encrusted cove backed by tropical forest.


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