Regions in Canada

From the icy polar landscapes found in Arctic Canada to the lush forest and cascading waterfalls of British Columbia, this diverse country boasts some magnificent sights. While adventure-types can zip-line in Whistler or channel their inner cowboy at a dude ranch. Those after a slower-paced trip can sip coffee on the cobbled streets of Quebec or indulge in a feast on board the Rocky Mountaineer through the mountains. 

Considered Canada’s most picturesque province, the enormity of British Columbia – which spans an area four times the size of the UK - invites everyone to get outdoors on a nature getaway. Serving as a fantastic starting point for a thrilling self-drive holiday, steer away from the beaten track through national parks and resort towns, cruising along rugged coasts, vineyard-lined roads and snaking mountain trails.

With the dramatic Rocky Mountains spilling over its expanse, the province of Alberta is an adventure lover’s playground, and ideal for an action-packed holiday in Canada. Meanwhile, Manitoba offers a chance to get away from it all. As one of Canada’s three Prairie Provinces, it’s a vast terrain of flat, open spaces, with fields of sunflowers, thousands of lakes, and beautiful sunsets of all shades.

A holiday in Atlantic Canada is a chance to experience some of the world’s most primeval landscapes. Home to magnificent coastlines and soaring mountains, many go on holiday to east coast Canada to explore the colossal scenery, the plethora of hiking and biking options, and the extraordinary whale watching opportunities.
With its fair share of Canada’s trademark open spaces, extraordinary scenery and black bears, along with some of the country’s most progressive and thriving cities, a holiday in Ontario promises sheer diversity.
Enjoy the bon vivant lifestyle on a luxury holiday in Québec. As one of few historical areas in North America to have fully preserved its Francophone culture, you’ll encounter a charming European ambience, with Victorian facades, towering church spires and romantic cafes peppered across the province.


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