Somehow overlooked and yet charmingly undiscovered, Canada, the globe’s second-largest country, is cultivated by nature’s most glorious achievements, from its snow-capped peaks down to its wheat-swathed prairies. Travel from west to east, from the trendy streets of Vancouver through to remote cowboy country and on to the old native Indian settlements of Quebec; or journey upwards from the populated cities of the south to the uninhabited arctic expanses of the north, where polar bears and grizzlys roam the glacial lands. Such varied landscape makes Canada the ultimate place for outdoor pursuits.

Take the family on a winter skiing adventure in the Rockies or a summer wildlife expedition in the northwest, or go on a self-drive honeymoon, staying atop spectacular scenery or strolling through the peaceful vineyards of the wine regions. Yet it’s not all about the scenery here, for Canada’s culture is equally diverse. The population is a melting pot of indigenous and immigrant groups, all merging to form their own charming nation.

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Whale watching in the Strait of Georgia, off the coast of Vancouver Island.

Getting up close and personal with majestic polar bears in and around Churchill- a perfect photo opportunity.

Seeing the spectacular Northern Lights dancing in the vast night skiesWatching the rodeo at the annual Calgary Stampede in Alberta.

Canoeing on the turquoise waters of Lake Louise.

Taking the spectacular Rocky Mountaineer train ride through the Kootenay Rockies.

Feasting and drinking our way around the mouthwatering St Lawrence food market in Toronto.

Going up the CN tower in Toronto for staggering views over this cosmopolitan city.

Parisian chic: sipping a cappuccino at a cafe in Québec, before wandering the cobbled streets and ancient walls of this charming, historic city.

The rolling vineyards of the Eastern Townships are perfect spots for sampling vintage wines amid rolling green hills.

The nightlife in Montreal: this colourful city is THE place to be for night owls.

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