A luxury holiday, honeymoon or adventure tour in undiscovered Nicaragua offers stunning landscapes, outdoor activities and cultural treasures, making it the perfect compliment to Costa Rica’s charms.

Volcanoes emerging from lakes, mountains, rainforest, coral reefs, mangroves – and no less than 78 national parks, bursting with flora and wildlife not seen outside of Central America – plus fascinating history, culture and countless activities including deep sea fishing, scuba diving and horse riding tours, make Nicaragua a really exciting, up and coming travel destination. Oh, and its still pretty cheap with very few tourists. Watch this space.

Particular highlights include Lake Nicaragua, Central America's largest freshwater lake, colonial Grenada, the oldest city in the New World, and Ometepe Island, a haven for passionate nature lovers. Talk to Exsus to find out more and we'll help you plan a bespoke Nicaraguan escape.

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The architecture in Granada and León. Both cities have magnificent examples of colonial, neoclassical, and baroque architecture, and in León these can be seen from the roof of Central America’s highest cathedral.

Volcano trekking. Nicaragua is littered with spectacular volcanoes which are fantastic for climbing, but the most accessible is Masaya, which has a huge smoke-puffing crater that you can drive right up to.

The nature on Ometepe Island. Take a dip in Ometepe’s beautiful mountain lagoon – filled with emerald waters and surrounded by rainforest, birds, and howler monkeys.

Lolling in hammocks. San Juan del Sur is the place to head for a lovely easygoing feel, fantastic surfing, and delicious seafood. Keep your eyes peeled between August and November for turtles laying their eggs on the beaches, and an extraordinary migration of hermit crabs at sunset.

The jaw-dropping Lake Nicaragua - this is the only freshwater lake in the world that is home to sharks! 


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