Regions in Guatemala

Guatemala is Central America's cultural treasure chest, with arguably the most impressive of all Mayan sites, Tikal; lush tropical jungle a-plenty; a colonial jewel of a town in Antigua; and highlands dotted with tiny, colourful villages and markets: 

A heavenly deep blue lake, cradled by volcanoes: Lake Atitlán is the place to go for magnificent views, relaxing activities, and unique local culture. Swim, kayak, soak in a thermal spring, or if you’re interested in alternative therapies you’ll find meditation workshops scattered around the tranquil lake.
Encased in jungle, and still only partially excavated, Tikal is arguably one of the most impressive Mayan sites in the world. An astounding 3,000 ancient buildings cover the vast acropolis, made up of altars, tombs, and a nine storey towering pyramid.
Three looming volcanoes provide a stunning backdrop for the cobbled streets, colourful houses, and red tiled roofs of this proud colonial town. Having explored the beautiful churches, and wandered the markets, you can trek up one of the volcanoes on its less active days; peer into its bubbling crater, and hear its ominous rumblings.


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