Guatemala is Central America's cultural treasure chest, with arguably the most impressive of all Mayan sites, Tikal; lush tropical jungle a-plenty; a colonial jewel of a town in Antigua; and highlands dotted with tiny, colourful villages and markets.

Stay in a hacienda hideaway in the rainforest or one of Guatemala's charming, boutique hotels for a luxury holiday, honeymoon or adventure break full of vivid colour and captivating culture. If you're a sucker for scenery, Lake Atitlan, framed by volcanic peaks is the perfect addition to any Guatemala holiday itinerary.

Luxury holidays in Guatemala work well twinned with a few days in Belize or Honduras, both of which offer magnificent diving and snorkelling.

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The sunrise over temples of Tikal. Set your alarm a little earlier and you’ll be rewarded with seeing Tikal the way most visitors won’t. Climb to the top of one of the ancient pyramids and watch the sun rise of the surrounding jungle, where monkeys chatter in the tree tops.

Pacaya, Antigua’s live volcano. Venture through atmospheric pine forests on the way to the smoking crater, where piping hot lava still bubbles away. Gazing over the incredible landscapes while Pacaya lets out little grumbles will be one of your most memorable picnics.

The lesser known market of Santiago. The traditional weaving village on the banks of Lake Atitlan, where locals worship Maximón, a Mayan God.

Beautiful Antigua. Wander its cobbled streets, visit its buzzing bars and enjoy its many fantastic restaurants beneath the gaze of the picturesque volcano, Volcán de Agua.

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