Belize makes a luxury holiday or honeymoon in Central America very easy. Pristine wildlife-rich forests and jungle, beautiful tropical beaches in Placencia, ancient Mayan sites and the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere at Ambergris Caye - all this with a friendly, English-speaking population, fab hotels and a laidback Caribbean vibe.

Culture vultures may wish to combine a holiday in Belize with Guatemala or spend a few nights in Miami for a touch of glamour.

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Scuba-diving with whale sharks. These staggeringly huge but gentle giants are seen off the coast of Belize between March and June, and are most likely to be spotted when it’s a full moon. You can also snorkel above them as they often come right up to the surface.

Caving the Actun Tunichil Muknal caves. Plunging into darkness, clambering through crevices, and dipping under water, before exploring the site of a Mayan Sacrifice. This is one for thrill seekers, but there are also really fun cave-tubing adventures that everyone can enjoy.

Fly-fishing for bone fish. Ambergris Caye offers some of the best salt water fishing in the world, and when you return to your luxury resort they can cook it up for you and serve it on the beach. Yum.

Snorkelling with manatees. Otherwise known as sea-cows, these curious creatures are an endangered species but thrive in Belize. Swimming with them is a magical and really quite hypnotic experience.

Spotting jaguar in the jungle. Belize is home to five magnificent Big Cats: jaguar, jaguarundi, puma, ocelot, and margay. Chan Chich is just one of the lodges that is involved in the conservation of these incredible species and it has cameras and alert systems set up in the jungle to increase your chances of spotting them.

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