A Maldives luxury holiday or honeymoon is your ticket to staying in a tropical paradise. Close your eyes and imagine it. No doubt it's a private island fringed with palms that rustle in a gentle breeze. The sand is white and soft. The water is warm and aquamarine and teems with brightly coloured tropical fish. Your luxury villa has its own private pool, and a butler with perfect timing brings you cold drinks and delicious little snacks. Luxury holidays in the Maldives offer all these things, and more.

If you'd like some help choosing which of the many spectacular luxury hotels in the Maldives to stay in, we can help. Tell us what kind of luxury holiday in the Maldives you are looking for, whether it is a once in a lifetime honeymoon, a winter-sun escape or a luxury family beach holiday and we'll help you pick out the most perfect hotel for you.

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