The UK packs endless variety into such a tiny island- from the world-class hotels, restaurants and shops of London to beautiful villages surrounded by rolling English countryside and the wilds of the Scottish highlands, there’s something for everyone on a perfect holiday, honeymoon or short break.

London quite simply has it all: colourful, bustling and endlessly exciting, this city has the world-renowned theatres of the West End, Michelin-starred dining and spacious green parks to relax in, not to mention royalty and history round every corner.

Further afield in England and up north to Scotland, visit some spectacular country house hotels, set in picturesque villages and surrounded by green hills, for a taste of quintessential English style, and head to the majestic Scottish castles that are nestled along the foothills of Ben Nevis, the UK's highest mountain. Or take in the beautiful Lake District or the Georgian charm of Bath and Edinburgh. Meanwhile, the cosmopolitan cities of Manchester and Liverpool are great spots for taking in a football match, alongside eclectic restaurants and galleries and a rich and enduring musical history- Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatles, after all...

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