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Below is a selection of handpicked hotels in Cappadocia. Take a look at our favourites for more inspiration on a luxury holiday to Turkey.

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Argos in Cappadocia

Location: Cappadocia | Turkey

A stay at Argos in Cappadocia promises an exceptional experience in the most extraordinary setting. Once a monastery, then a linseed oil factory, and now a hotel, the 2,000 years of Argos’s history is part of what makes it so unique. The original caves have been transformed into beautiful, luxurious rooms and suites, while retaining their rustic, historic charm.

Best for: Village Life, Food & Wine, Cultural Immersion, Setting & Views

Sacred House

Location: Cappadocia | Turkey

Sacred House is a spectacular 250-year-old Greek mansion, restored to offer contemporary luxury and a unique experience. History and charm oozes from white stone walls, majestic furnishings and timeless ornaments.

Best for: Unusual, Landscapes & Scenery, Couples, Food & Wine

Anatolian Houses

Location: Cappadocia | Turkey

Intricately built around the rock caves of Cappadocia, the luxurious Anatolian Houses is an otherworldly boutique hotel set right at the heart of this fairytale landscape. Despite the hotel’s close link to its natural roots, it refuses to compromise on modern luxury, with sumptuous facilities and an elegant design throughout.

Best for: Honeymoon, Family-friendly, Setting & Views, Unusual

Museum Hotel

Location: Cappadocia | Turkey

As you might guess from the name, the Museum Hotel is steeped in history. Decorated with spectacular antiques and relics dating back centuries (and even millennia at times), the owner’s ambition to create a ‘living museum’ has most certainly been accomplished. Once the abode of Hittites, Persians and early Christian Romans, this troglodytic structure is now frequented by a discerning, well-heeled clientele.

Best for: Honeymoon, Family-friendly, Luxury Hotel, Setting & Views

Kayakapi Premium Caves

Location: Cappadocia | Turkey

Indulge in the comfort of luxuriously converted ancient caves at Kayakapi Premium Caves. Enjoy immaculate facilities, spacious rooms set in pretty villas, and tremendous views of Cappadocia's lunar landscape.

Best for: Family-friendly, Setting & Views, Unusual, Cultural Immersion


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