Malaysia is a melting pot of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western cultures; of pristine beaches, ancient rainforest, exclusive, luxury hotels, rustic lodges and a futuristic, cosmopolitan capital in Kuala Lumpur. The mix works. Locals are friendly and welcoming, the service is exceptional and the food worth the extra inch on your waistline. Hit Kuala Lumpur hard for a fab few days before heading to lush tea plantations and colourful markets in the Cameron Highlands. Jet off to one of the jungle-clad Malaysian islands for beaches that take your breath away, such as the stunning Langkawi, the cultural oasis of Penang and the dazzlingly serene Pangkor Laut. 

A country shaped by its inhabitants, Malaysia is on the commercial crossroads between India and China, with stunning architecture produced by these cultures. Formed of a striking mix of colorful temples, rich palaces and colonial style buildings, Malaysia is one of the most dynamic countries in the world. With historic and cultural flourishes in the keystone ports, thick, wildlife-rich jungles in the country's interior, and the impressive delights of Borneo, a luxury holiday here comes highly recommended.

Borneo is the place to head for a holiday filled with wilderness, wildlife, and adventure. Pristine rainforests conceal unique endangered species, including orangutans, pygmy elephants and the extraordinary proboscis monkey. Snorkelling and diving is equally amazing in Borneo, with the unique opportunity to swim with whale sharks and manatees, go on night dives amongst graceful manta rays, and even explore unchartered shipwrecks that swarm with yet more marine life. With lush tropical rainforests and crystal clear waters, Borneo is a haven for wildlife and marine life - a ‘must go’ for nature lovers.

The island of Borneo is divided between Malaysia, Indonesia, and the small independent nation of Brunei. Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo, covers over 70% of the island, whilst Malaysian Borneo is split into two states, Sabah and Sarawak. 

In Sabah, visit the orangutan rehabilitation centre in Sepilok to catch a glimpse of the ‘man of the jungle’, Borneo’s most famous resident. A trip to the Kinabatangan Basin may be rewarded with hornbill or pygmy elephant sightings, whilst further afield, huge monitor lizards prowl the jungles in the Danum Valley, and proboscis monkeys can be spotted in the treetops in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve. Selingan Island is a real treat for those wishing to explore life beneath the waves, and turtles can be spotted laying eggs throughout the night on the shores of the appropriately named Turtle Island. The most adventurous visitors can conquer the looming Mount Kinabalu, which is brimming with wildlife, while those in search of tranquillity may be more inclined to relax on Pulau Gaya's pristine beaches. 

Sarawak, meanwhile, is Malaysia’s largest state, and here you can discover the colourful temples and sophisticated cuisine of the capital, Kuching, before exploring the longhouses of the Dayak head hunters in Batang Ai and the striking caves of Gunung Mulu National Park. Named after the 2,000-metre Mount Mulu, the park is home to striking limestone pinnacles above ground and huge cave systems below, which are quite a spectacle.

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Langkawi. Described as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, take your pick of the 99 paradisal islets in the Langkawi archipelago, each featuring turquoise seas, jungle-clad hills and pristine beaches.

Embrace the Malay culture on Penang Island, making sure to walk down the authentic food markets of George Town, an urban cocktail of Chinese temples, Western-style shopping complexes and British Raj architecture. 

The Cameron Highlands. Discover the mountains, forests, waterfalls and tea plantations of one of Malaysia’s most naturally-beautiful regions.

The 130-million-year-old virgin rainforests in Taman Negara National Park in the heart of mainland Malaysia - perfect for travellers who love wildlife spotting, jungle trekking and fishing. 

The white sandy beaches found along Tioman Island and Pangkor Laut.

Wildlife-spotting in Kinabatangan. Tick pygmy elephants, orangutans, and proboscis monkeys off the list in beautiful Kinabatangan Basin in Sabah.

Mulu. The world beneath Borneo’s surface is truly fascinating: explore the mysterious passageways of the Mulu caves, which have spent several millennia forming some spectacular rock formations.

Mount Kinabalu. Clamber up the highest mountain in the Malay Archipelago in time to see the sunrise illuminate the incredible surrounding landscape.

Borneo’s islands. Wildlife lovers do not want to miss Selingan Island for a spot of turtle-watching, and there’s no better place than Pulau Gaya (Gaya Island) for luxuriating on pristine beaches, backed by tropical jungle - enjoying total seclusion and staying in luxurious island retreats.

Jungle adventures. Head deep into the mist-shrouded rainforests of Danum Valley and Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Sabah to encounter rare wildlife species and walk between the treetops on the canopy walkways.



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