The land of the rising sun, where the past meets the future, where ancient gods jostle for attention with cutting edge technology, and where centuries-old temples sit serenely in the middle of bustling cities, a luxury Japan holiday is an unforgettable experience. Famed as the home of karaoke, sushi and cherry blossoms, Japan has much more up its sleeve besides, and continues to baffle and delight visitors in equal measure.

From the ancient temples of Kyoto to the soaring, neon-blanketed skyscrapers of Tokyo, a luxury holiday to Japan is a journey through time. Foodies in particular are in for a treat: sushi and miso soup are well known to the wider world, and for good reason, but you’ll also love discovering such mouthwatering treats as sabu sabu, teppanyaki and the ancient art (and multicourse extravaganza) that is kaiseki. Osaka, in particular, is a must visit – one of the culinary capitals not only of Japan, but of the world – while Tokyo makes its own case for that crown, boasting the world’s longest list of Michelin-starred restaurants.

From the bustle of the cities to the serene slopes of Hakone and the might of Mount Fuji and the Japanese Alps, Japan has something to offer.

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The stunning natural landscapes of Hakone National Park. Serene and secluded yet just a short hop on the bullet train from the urban sprawl of the capital, this is where Tokyoites come to relax and recharge away from the chaos of the city. It’s also home to one of the great icons of Japan: Mount Fuji.


The ancient streets, temples and shrines of Kyoto. The greatest of Japan’s former imperial capitals, Kyoto has managed to preserve the spirit of old Japan remarkably well while continuing to thrive as a modern city in its own right. Home to no less than seventeen UNESCO world heritage sites, particularly stunning are the shimmering Golden Pavilion and the gravity-defying Kiyomizu-dera.


The food! Japanese cuisine is now a firm favourite in the landscape of international cuisine, but there’s more to it than sushi. The cultural hotspot that is Osaka is rightly considered to be a foodie haven, and even by some to be the culinary capital of the world – its street food is unmissable.


Getting away from it all in the mountains. Japan is full of contrasts, and there are none more marked than that between the bright lights and chaos of its big cities and the mountain seclusion of the Japanese Alps, which run down the spine of the main island of Honshu. Takayama and Kanazawa are beautifully preserved Edo-period towns, while the snow monkeys of Yudanaka are well worth a visit.



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