The Irrawaddy

Bisecting Burma, the Irrawaddy River begins in the melting glaciers of the Himalayan Mountains and flows for 1,350 miles before reaching the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Navigable for most of its length, the Irrawaddy is a crucial component in Burma’s transport artery. Taking a luxury cruise along its mighty length, most sail for three or four days between Bagan and Mandalay, which start in the morning with the sound of devotional chanting from the monasteries, continues with views of farmers planting peanuts and sesame on sand islands and finishes with stops along the pagoda-studded villages, hills and markets – providing some superb photographic opportunities. For something a little off the beaten cruise route, sail slightly upstream from Mandalay and you will be surrounded by wildlife-rich forests and waters, with birds and gibbons hanging in the trees and river dolphins playing in the boat’s waves.


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