Warning: Asia is highly addictive.

Whether it’s a rickshaw ride through hectic Hanoi, a fascinating adventure amidst the ancient Angkor temples or diving and snorkelling in some of the warmest, clearest seas on the planet, Asia is jam-packed with culture, adventure - and variety.

A truly tantalising continent, Asia promises extraordinary experiences for every traveller. Whether you’re after a luxury honeymoon in South-East Asia, a family adventure holiday in Southern Asia or a cultural holiday to the Far East, you can expect some of the most beautiful beaches and most incredible luxury hotels in the world, fast-paced cities, tranquil village life and mouthwatering food. Asia has it all.

Take a journey through temple-laced Cambodia or Malaysia; island-hop across the other-worldly archipelago of Indonesia; and soak up the buzz of floating markets in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. Delve into emerald jungles and encounter enthralling wildlife in Borneo; or relish the pulsating energy of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities: Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. Then there’s beguiling Japan, a cultural odyssey through time, while Bhutan and Myanmar have just begun to unveil their treasures to the world, and we wouldn’t want you to miss it.

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