Regions in Uganda

From national parks and reserves to lakes and forests, alongside unforgettable wildlife adventures, Uganda has plenty to offer on a luxury holiday in Africa. 

This beautiful ancient forest is home to some 300 mountain gorillas living alongside around 350 chimpanzees. Lead by armed guides, you’ll push your way past jungle creepers and undergrowth before stopping in your tracks as you come face to face with your primate cousins.
For guests who want a traditional safari in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park is the place to go. Having mountain-trekked through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the park’s sweeping savannah offers more leisurely ways to explore - think game drives and walking safaris with lions peering down from the trees above.

Drama and panoramic views dominate Uganda’s stunning northernmost park, the Kidepo Valley National Park. Craggy mountains loom in the distance, birds of prey soar above, and formidable inselbergs erupt from the ground. Equally impressive is Kidepo Valley’s predator population, including lion and wild dogs which skulk amongst the huge herds of elephant. 

Yes, there’s stunning birdlife, forest elephants and colobus monkeys, but for us, Kibale Forest is chimp central. Kibale is one of the best places for chimpanzee trekking in Africa, where the thrill of hearing a far-off whoop is beaten only when you come face to face with man’s closest relative.

A wildlife-teeming broth of swamps and open water, Lake Mburo is the largest of five lakes in Uganda. Thanks to the mixture of habitat at the water’s edge, you’ll encounter an endless stream of wildlife, including Africa’s largest antelope, the eland, buffalo, warthog, and hippo.

Cradling Uganda’s oldest and practically un-touched forest, beautiful Semliki Wildlife Reserve is the place to experience real wilderness. As you crunch your way through the woodland that creeps up the Rift Valley wall, there are flying squirrels, pygmy antelope, and bats: all ready to give you a jump.


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