The tiny East African country of Rwanda, offers one of the most extraordinarily moving wildlife experiences on earth: the chance to track Mountain Gorillas.

The misty mountains of Volcanoes National Park are home to these incredibly rare creatures, and no one who sees them in the wild will be disappointed.

Astonishingly human in their actions and size, Mountain Gorillas have an undeniable lure; gazing into their liquid eyes is like gazing into another soul.

A Gorilla Trekking Holiday in Rwanda combines well with spotting chimpanzees in Rwanda's beautiful Nyungwe Forest and some R&R on the shores of Lake Kivu.

Rwanda can also be twinned easily with a safari in Kenya or the beaches of Zanzibar.

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Making eye-contact with gorillas. It really is an incredible privilege to get so close to these formidable creatures, and as you observe them interact with each other, you’ll soon discover just how intelligent they are.

Visiting charming villages in the tropical lowlands. You’ll receive a warm welcome from the people who live here and discover the work they do to help conserve the gorillas’ environment.

Chimps in Nyungwe Forest. Chimps are more elusive than gorillas, but hearing their distant hoot in the forest is exhilarating in itself.

Mist-veiled mountains and the beautifully lush landscape. It won’t just be the gorillas you’re snapping in ‘the Land of a Thousand Hills’ so it’s wise to swot up on photography tips for wet conditions before you go.

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