Regions in Mozambique

From the coastal paradise of Bazaruto and Quirimbas to the sleepy shores of Lake Niassa, Mozambique is an untapped source for wonderful holidays and romantic honeymoons. If you are looking for a balmy beach escape, then you need travel no further than Mozambique's turquoise shores; however, for blissfully off-the-beaten-track safaris or for a multi-country adventure, we recommend heading inland to really explore this charmingly laid-back destination.

Incredibly beautiful, the islands of Bazaruto and Benguerra are the perfect choice for a luxury beach holiday or honeymoon. The ingredients? Towering silver sand dunes, azure waters, and starry skies to make you go all dreamy-eyed, not to mention world class diving and snorkelling.
The most glamorous additions to the tourist scene in Mozambique are the islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago. These are accessed from Pemba on the mainland, but whilst you’re there the unspoilt North Coast beaches are definitely worth a visit (check out Londo Lodge and you’ll soon see what we mean!)
Lake Malawi’s south-eastern shores are in Mozambique and here it is known as Lake Niassa. With beautiful sandy beaches, and crystalline waters, the wonderfully sleepy pace is set by drifting fishermen, and the occasional herd of cows lolloping along the shoreline.
A Mozambique safari may not have you ticking off The Big Five, but it will give you an exhilarating wilderness hit. In the little-explored Gorongosa and Niassa Reserves, you’ll venture where even scientists and researchers have scarcely explored – and whilst you may take a little more time to track large game, you’ll discover an incredible diversity of wildlife that’s reclaiming the parks once again.


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