When to go to Ecuador & the Galapagos

Sitting on the equator and with spectacular Andean mountain range running right the way through it, Ecuador is generally a year round destination. It does have green and dry seasons, but these vary more according to altitude than time of year. The dry season on the coast is from May to December, and between June and September in the Andean regions. This combined with the cooler temperatures at altitude means you can happily incorporate volcano treks, market shopping, and sightseeing into your itinerary.

We recommend timing your visit to the Galapagos in order to catch the best wildlife:

In general December to May is the warmest time of year, whilst the cooler and drier garua season lasts from June through to September. The warm season is a particularly appealing for diving and snorkelling, with warmer and calmer waters, and therefore greater visibility. It’s also the time to see green sea turtles (arriving on the beaches to lay their eggs in January, and hatching out in April), as well as frigate birds inflating their huge red pouches in March, and blue-footed boobies performing their mating dances shortly afterwards.

The cooler, drier season is the time when whale sharks come to the surface to feed on nutrients (July, August, and September) so divers are more than happy to enter the slightly choppier water for the chance to swim with them. Lava lizards can also be seen initiating mating rituals on the beaches, and sea lions will be particularly active before giving birth in November.


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