Regions in Bolivia

From La Paz way up in the Andes, the highest capital in the world, to Salar de Uyuni, a spectacular 4000 square mile expanse of glistening salt flats, and from the white-washed houses of colonial Sucre to the absorbing history of Potosi, once South America’s wealthiest city, Bolivia is a gem for the intrepid explorer. 
La Paz, the highest capital city in the world, nestles in a canyon beneath snow-capped Andean peaks, 4,000m above sea level. A fascinating cocktail of indigenous, Spanish and modern influences, you’ll come across coca-chewing, traditionally-dressed local women with bowler hats and tightly-woven black plaits wandering through colonial squares peered down upon by skyscrapers.
Bolivia showcases its most staggering natural beauty across the 4,000 square miles of Salar de Uyuni. The salt flats, formed as vast prehistoric lakes dried up, glisten all the way to the horizon and the further in you venture, the more spectacular and surreal the surroundings become.
One of the highest lakes in the world, Lake Titicaca is shared between Bolivia and Peru and is still home to the native pre-Incan Aymarán people, whose way of life has barely changed in 1,000 years. Small farms and indigenous villages sit on its banks, while the islands of Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna are dotted with Incan ruins, which can be reached by traditional reed boat.
The cobbled streets of Sucre are lined with ancient churches, colonial buildings and charming whitewashed houses. A slow-paced visit can be spent cafe-hopping or dipping in and out of Sucre’s cathedrals, convents and markets, while the more adventurous can go quad-biking, hiking in the surrounding hillsides, or paragliding.
As a major producer of silver, the city of Potosi was once the wealthiest in South America. Today, the silver has run out and the materials from the mines are purified into zinc, tin and copper, but the grandiose buildings, beautiful churches and ornate colonial mansions stand testament to the city’s affluent past. It’s the mines that are the main point of curiosity though, and venturing into their depths is as eye-opening and humbling as it is fascinating.


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