Buenos Aires & the Pampas

Buenos Aires

The Old World meets the New in Buenos Aires, a buzzing European-style city which radiates charisma. The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is not only a hub for the rest of the country, but it is also a fascinating destination in its own right: take one of our off-the-beaten-track tours to get under her skin and follow it up with a night out at a tango show at an authentic Argentine theatre. If dancing isn’t your thing, check out the hip gin speakeasy Florería Atlántico, or the equine-inspired Pony Line Bar, in the Four Seasons Buenos Aires.

From the colonial style houses and cobblestone streets of San Telmo District, where street tango is a common weekend fixture, to the brightly coloured houses of the famous La Boca District, from the hip Palermo District with its designer boutiques and cool bars and restaurants, to the Recoleta District which delivers traditional Buenos Aires and old school Argentinian charm, Exsus can help you make the most of your stay in this vibrant, mesmerizing city.

The Pampas

The Pampas, meaning level plain in the Guarani Indian language, are the grassy lands that cover an area of over 750,000 km2, and the traditional estancias that reign over these plains serve as the perfect escape to the country on any holiday in Argentina. These fertile lands are a short hop away from Buenos Aires, and stretch across four other Argentine provinces, as well as most of Uruguay and the southernmost tip of Brazil.

Thanks to a temperate climate and fertile soil, the Pampas offer fantastic growing conditions and is one of the richest grazing areas in the world. Geoffrey’s cat, maned wolf, the Pampa finch and the greater rhea all roam these thriving grasslands, while cattails and colourful water lilies flourish in the wetlands.

But it’s not just flora and fauna that inhabit the Pampas: this is also the home of the gauchos, the original South American cowboys. These residents patrol the terrain on horseback just as they have done for centuries, living off the land and benefitting from its successful agriculture, which produces huge quantities of cereal crops, vegetables and beef. Live like the gauchos on your Argentina holiday at one of the regal estancias that pepper the lowlands.


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