When to go to the USA

Due to its vast size and varied landscapes, the US climate varies considerably from state to state and region to region.

It is a year-round destination, with an overall temperate climate that follows patterns similar to the UK’s seasons, with something different to see and do whatever time of year you visit, from the desert-like climate of the Southwest (including Las Vegas and Palm Springs) and the tropical climate of the south-east (including Florida, Miami, New Orleans and Houston) to the mild Mediterranean climate of coastal California. You can often see lots of snowfall in winter in the eastern US, including New York and Boston.

There can be extremes of weather and natural events across the US: hurricane season runs from June to November and can affect coastal regions, while forest and wildfires are a danger in dry areas in summer. Certain areas are prone to earthquakes (including California and Hawaii) and other areas are affected by tornadoes.


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