Rocky Mountains

Snowy peaks, roaming prairies, explosive geysers and wild, dramatic landscapes: Yellowstone, Grand Teton, the Rocky Mountains (the Rockies) and the many other spectacular northern national parks of Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota (home to the Badlands and the famous Mount Rushmore) and Montana (home of Glacier National Park), present a spectacular and untamed realm in the US, and form an unmissable part of a US holiday itinerary.

Yellowstone was the first park in the world to be given National Park status, and is one of the most famous - it’s now become something of a landmark in Wyoming. Donning your hiking boots, you’ll discover incredible geysers spouting boiling water tens of feet into the air from dazzling hot springs (Yellowstone is home to half of the world’s geysers); bison, elk, wolves and bears roaming the rugged landscape, and rivers and lakes of glassy water reflecting the evergreen forest.

Further south, Grand Teton National Park sits just below Yellowstone, with the mighty Rockies forming a spectacular backdrop for the evergreen pines and crystal lakes. These majestic mountains stretch for around 3,000 miles from British Colombia and Alberta in Canada through several US states including Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado before reaching New Mexico. With its panoramic landscapes, diverse wildlife, which can be enjoyed with 300 miles of hiking trails and numerous incredible scenic drives in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park alone, this is one spectacular natural adventure playground.


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