Luxury Holidays To The Cayman Islands

Northwest of Jamaica and south of Cuba, The Cayman Islands are blessed with miles of powdery white beaches, tranquil turquoise waters and some truly unique experiences. Expect a warm Caymanian welcome wherever you go and balmy temperatures all year round.

The largest of the island trio is Grand Cayman, where you’ll find a variety of luxury hotels, sumptuous cuisine and an endless choice of activities, both in water and on land. On the west coast of the island, Seven Mile Beach sprawls with effortless beauty and has become renowned as one of the Caribbean’s best. Jet across the bay to the North Sound, where Rum Point, Star Fish Point and Sting Ray City draw visitors year-on-year, then immerse yourself in some culture and heritage with a historical visit to Pedro St James. As a British Overseas Territory, the Caymanian people speak English with their own flair. 

Meanwhile, the smaller sister islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac offer a wonderfully slow pace of life and true island escape. With regular flights from Grand Cayman, it’s easy to spend a day or two on either of them. Little Cayman is the smallest of the three, making for a totally secluded paradise at just 10 square miles in size. Look out for the red-footed boobies that flock in the Booby Pond Nature Reserve, or marvel at the underwater spectacle of the Bloody Bay Wall. Cayman Brac is home to the most dramatic scenery of the three islands, and is a nature lover’s paradise. The limestone cliff of the ‘Bluff’ soars majestically with unrivalled views, complete with an exotic flora and fauna backdrop.

If you feel like taking island hopping one step further, why not combine the Cayman Islands with its Caribbean neighbours? Split your trip with a visit to Cuba, Jamaica or the Bahamas.

A luxury Cayman Islands holiday truly brings you the best of both worlds, with the ultimate combination of exotic activities, secluded serenity and fantastic Grand Cayman resorts.  


Seven Mile Beach – a worldwide icon that speaks for itself.

Soak up rays of the underwater sort at Sting Ray City, where the graceful creatures flock in the shallow waters of the Sand Bar, awaiting a snack as they interact with visitors.

Untouched corals make for incredible snorkelling opportunities – keep your eyes peeled for a turtle among the schools of exotic fish.
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