Opt for a holiday in Alacati and you certainly won’t be disappointed. This delightful Turkish village, a stone’s throw from the sparkling shores of the Aegean, is a remarkably authentic spot where local culture flourishes. Despite the fact that Alacati is beginning to get noticed by international visitors, it preserves its rural charm and the traditional Turkish way of life remains intact, much to our relief. This is a town of white-washed stone walls dotted with kaleidoscopic wooden shutters; of market stalls laden with figs, oranges and fragrant sprigs of dried herbs; of friendly, laidback locals selling all manner of Turkish handicrafts.

As a holiday destination, Alacati caters to a young, stylish clientele seeking out chic fashion boutiques, small art galleries and trendy bars. Avid kite and windsurfers flock to the nearby coastline for the excellent wind conditions: it’s fair to say it was this lot that first ‘discovered’ Alaçati first. This quaint town is studded with fabulous luxury hotels, such as the elegant Alavya with its stunning design and enticing lap pool. Then there’s the sumptuous Nars Ilica down by the coast; a seaside mansion with its own private platform on which to soak up the glorious sun.

A luxury holiday to Alacati will have you strolling through the lively marketplace; pulling up a chair on one of the restaurant’s terraces to tuck into some exquisite Turkish fare; and, of course, hopping down to Ilica beach to try your hand at a little windsurfing.


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