Bergen & the Western Fjords

Surrounded by seven hills and seven fjords, Bergen is a beautiful, charming city. With the UNESCO World Heritage listed Bryggen and buzzing Vågen Harbour as its centrepiece, Bergen climbs the hillsides with hundreds of timber-clad houses, while cable cars offer stunning views from above. Throw in great museums, friendly locals and a dynamic cultural life which punches well above its weight for a city of its size, and Bergen amply rewards as much time as you can give it. The KODE series of art museums include fantastic Edvard Munch collections, the former home of composer Edvard Grieg, and the KunstLab, where children can enjoy and learn about art through experimentation and play. Bergen’s also home to some beautiful hotels, including the stylish Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret.

Bergen is also a great jumping-off point for Norway’s famous western fjords. No place in all of Norway holds the enchantment of the fjord country, the single most beautiful region in all of the Scandinavian countries; it’s not hard to see why National Geographic crowned the Norwegian fjords “the world's best travel destination.” Gouged from the earth over millennia by glaciers, studded with deep valleys, and characterized by rolling fells and rugged mountain plateaus, the fjord country is a land of farmlands, blossoming orchards, small villages, cascading waterfalls, and Scandinavia's most eye-catching landscapes. It's a place to slow down and take your time. The nature of the geography means that getting around isn’t easy, but the views on the way make the effort more than worthwhile.

Our in-depth journey through the Norwegian fjords begins in Bergen before heading on to the beautiful countryside of Aurland, where you can explore the vast, famous Sognefjorden. You’ll then head to the picturesque village of Solvorn before journeying on to the UNESCO-listed Gierangerfjord and Storfjord, where you’ll stay at the beautiful, rustic Storfjord hotel.


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