Regions in Austria

Defined by much more than Mozart, the Von Trapp family and the glorious Alps, Austria is a country packed with culture, a fascinating history and stunning architecture. Appealing all year round, Austria is one of the top winter-sports destinations in Europe and offers beautiful hiking during the summer months. Visit the ornate palaces of Vienna, the baroque magnificence of Salzburg and Salzkammergut's dazzling lakes.

Said to be the city of dreams, Vienna has a true love of art and culture. Hosting an impressive 200 balls a year in the beautiful royal palaces, and with strong veins of Medieval and Baroque architecture running through the streets, tradition is still embraced in this historic capital.

Salzburg is a storybook town with a labyrinth of cobbled streets, quiet arcaded courtyards and charmingly colourful old houses. The birthplace of Mozart and the Sound of Music, the city is divided by the curving river, with baroque buildings of the Altstadt on its left bank, and the 19th century Neustad on the right.


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