Regions in Japan

From the ancient temples of Kyoto to the soaring, neon-blanketed skyscrapers of Tokyo, a luxury holiday to Japan is a journey through time. Foodies in particular are in for a treat in Osaka and Okinawa, while animal lovers and families should definitely consider visiting the snow monkeys in the Japanese Alps.
A luxury holiday to Tokyo, Japan’s capital, is a microcosm of the country as a whole: by turns baffling and delightful, overwhelming and eye-opening, and a gorgeous collision of the ancient and the space-age.
The capital of imperial Japan for eleven centuries, it comes as no surprise to learn that a luxury holiday to Kyoto is one steeped in history and culture, from ancient Buddhist and Shinto temples and shrines to extravagant imperial palaces and beautiful gardens.
A short train journey from the bustle of Tokyo lies the serene Hakone National Park, all glistening lakes, smouldering volcanic hillsides and natural hot springs (onsen). This is where Tokyoites flock for some much needed serenity and to reconnect with nature away from the chaos of the capital.
Running down the spine of Japan’s main island Honshu, the Japanese Alps include many peaks which tower above 3,000 feet: trek, ski and hike their valleys and summits in the Japan National Park, before unwinding at a traditional Japanese onsen which makes the most of the region’s abundance of natural hot springs.
Covered in lush rainforest and with a coastline dotted with coral reefs, the islands of Okinawa have a distinctly tropical feel. Okinawa’s removal from the rest of Japan transcends geography, and extends to distinctive culture, cuisine and wildlife.
Unspoilt Hokkaido is wild and remote, covered in thick forest, icy mountains and hot springs. Japan’s second-largest island, it’s home to just 5% of its population – meaning there’s more of it for you to enjoy for yourself.


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