Welgevonden Game Reserve

The Welgevonden Game Reserve is a private reserve in the Waterberg District in Limpopo, covering 37,000 hectares of diverse landscapes and rich ecosystems, ranging from rolling hills and red sandstone cliffs to winding rivers and open plains and savannahs, including the UNESCO-listed Waterberg Biosphere Reserve.  

This diverse and beautiful environment thrives with some of South Africa’s most iconic wildlife. The reserve’s name, rather fittingly, translates as ‘well found’, and this is a prime spot for seeing the Big Five, including one of the largest populations of white rhinos in Africa, and much more, from giraffes and zebras to cheetahs and hyenas - and with over 300 species of birds here as well, it’s a haven for birdwatchers too. Welgevonden is also a malaria-free reserve, making it ideal for family safari holidays, and it has something for everyone, young and old.  

Human habitation in the area goes back potentially thousands of years, as evidenced by San rock paintings discovered here, but these days, humans take second place to the wildlife. As it’s a private reserve, the number of vehicles are limited in the park, so you are guaranteed bespoke and memorable safari experiences and the chance to get up close and personal with animals that are largely unfazed by human presence, having never been hunted.


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