From the Drakensberg Mountains, to the beautiful Indian Ocean coastline, KwaZulu Natal is a vast and varied patchwork where you can experience the best of South Africa’s culture, scenery, and wildlife. Trekking through sand forest and scrub on a wilderness safari, you’ll have the chance to spot the Big Five and an abundance of other game. It’s particularly exciting to spot the white rhino, given that they were brought back from the brink of extinction, and – if you’re lucky – the rare black rhino whose numbers are also being revived.

Birders meanwhile will be in heaven at Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, where you can wander amongst huge sand dunes and papyrus swamps – and whilst you’re on the coast, the great ‘Sardine Migration’ is a sight to behold! Last but not least, it is fascinating to encounter living-breathing Zulu culture, and observe the communities’ practices and traditions.

Anyone who has seen the classic film ‘Zulu’ can immediately envisage the dramatic landscapes where the battlefields lie. The most famous of the Anglo-Zulu battles were at Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift – brought to life by the talented and knowledgeable guides, as birds of prey swoop above. Afterwards it’s a humbling experience to see the graves of soldiers, killed in these bloodthirsty 19th century clashes. For an insight into all of this, along with relaxing activities like cycling and riding, we highly recommend Fugitives Drift.


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