Downtown Dubai

Harbouring the world’s tallest building, largest shopping mall and arguably most spectacular water fountain, Downtown Dubai is an absolute must-see on a holiday to this extravagant city. The Burj Khalifa tower soars 2,717 feet into the sky, and provides awe-inspiring views of the city and desert from its ‘At The Top’ observation deck on floor 124, demonstrating yet again Dubai’s passion for pioneering design. At the foot of the tower is Downtown Dubai’s artificial lake and Dubai Fountain, an impressive water show put on daily to the soundtrack of world-famous songs – just like the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas whose creators are also behind this Middle Eastern counterpart.

After these two awe-inspiring sights, there’s yet another waiting for you – the Dubai Mall, the largest in the world of its kind, encasing a whopping 1,200 shops. But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill shopping centre: it’s also home to an Olympic-size ice rink, indoor ski centre, aquarium and water zoo, and if you’re one for Michelin-starred restaurants and a lively nightlife, you won’t be disappointed. So if you want to stay close to all the action, choose one of our handpicked luxury hotels in Downtown Dubai, below.


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