Travel restores us

Exsus understands that travel is a tonic. Sometimes you need a trip to uplift and inspire; at others, you simply need to stop, relax and unwind. With dedicated teams for those times you want to climb a mountain and those when you just want a hammock and good book, our travel experts go to the ends of the earth to create your perfect holiday.

We will only use the best hotels. We’ve spent 14 years searching the globe to find those special places in our favourite destinations and we know when it’s worth paying extra for the suite, or if the six-room boutique hotel is the place to stay rather than its famous neighbour down the road. Our first-hand expertise and attention to detail mean we can take the pain out of travel: we’ve found the little gems and made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Luxury travel isn’t all about hotels (although they certainly help). It’s also about time, space, privacy and those special moments that turn your holiday into a magical experience. Whether it’s swimming in your private pool, Guatemalan temples at sunset or a night sky in the Namibian desert, Exsus understands that luxury has many guises. The delight is in the detail.