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Alison 020 7337 9010

Exsus's oracle for Europe, the Middle-East and the Caribbean, Alison has always been a lover of islands, especially volcanic ones for their unique sense of community and the freedom of freeing yourself from the mainland. She has a soft spot for Sicily and the Aeolian Islands and Santorini.

On her first trip to Santorini, Alison was lucky enough to witness a spectacular sunset over the caldera from her plane seat – the reason why she always books seats on the left-hand side of the plane for clients so that they can share the experience.

Alison has seen baby turtles hatch and spent a night glamping in the desert in Oman – a country she loves because you can enjoy four contrasting and memorable experiences in one trip (with beaches, mountains, deserts and cities). 

Her other favourite moments include island-hopping in Croatia and indulging in Michelin-star meals on the Amalfi Coast and in Barcelona as well as tucking into the simple but best pizza ever in Tuscany, and she can bring you the same experiences.

Gina European Travel Expert 020 7337 9010

Although she has been to every corner of Europe, Gina is head over heels in love with Italy and Greece. Her fondest memories are of doing a Vespa tour and drinking wine in a 15th-century BC crypt in Rome, discovering hidden coves and beaches in Crete and watching the sun set over the caldera of Santorini.

Gina has stayed at some pretty unique places, including Puglia’s rustic cave-hotel Sextantio which has candles instead of electricity and the Lupaia farmhouse where you can learn to cook authentic Tuscan cuisine in a ‘mama-style’ kitchen.

Her adventurous streak has taken her to the frozen landscapes of Iceland where she snorkelled between tectonic plates, hiked across dramatic glaciers and flew over volcanoes by helicopter. Other unique experiences she has ticked off the travel bucket list include visiting  the Lofoten Islands in Norway where she crossed the Arctic Circle and watched the Midnight Sun hanging low in the sky as the clock chimed twelve on an almost-deserted beach – unwittingly intruding on a couple’s proposal in the process. We swear, in spite of this she is the maker of countless romantic moments – as well as great adventures and family holidays – here at Exsus.

Caroline Latin America Sales and Product Manager 020 7337 9010

Caroline has always had a passion for Latin America, from studying Spanish and Portuguese at university to working in intelligence research, translation projects and with leading Latin America tour operators, all the while travelling as much as she can around this diverse and fascinating part of the world. 

As well as diving in Thailand and Bali and exploring the Greek islands, she has, unsurprisingly, made a beeline for Latin America, her first love, spending time living and working in Rio. Caroline’s endless explorations have included snorkelling with penguins in the Galapagos, witnessing the thundering waters of Iguassu Falls and going deep into the Amazon Rainforest, travelling over the Andes into Chile’s moon-like Atacama Desert and experiencing Bolivia’s colourful trapped-in-time culture.  

Whether you’re after a beach break on Brazil’s idyllic east coast or a food and wine trip around the beautiful vineyards of Argentina, Caroline will use all her passion and expertise to ensure you have a perfect holiday.

Flora Asia Sales and Product Manager 020 7337 9010

Flora discovered her love for travel at a very early age, thanks to annual summer holidays, ski trips and numerous city breaks to Europe with her family.

Her wanderlust has taken her from Thai islands to the iconic wonders of China, but it is Japan that truly tops the charts for her – the historic streets, fresh mountain air and spiritual atmosphere makes Takayama a particular favourite. Over in the Maldives she has dined with exotic fish at underwater restaurants and has also stayed in the heart of Sri Lanka’s Hill Country and soaked up the colourful sights of Vietnam.   

Flora has an immense love for underwater explorations. As an advanced PADI scuba diver, she tries to visit new locations every year, but is yet to find anywhere as fabulous as Fiji’s Yasawa Islands.

From a wine tasting trip to New Zealand to a cruise around Vietnam’s Halong Bay, Flora will utilise her first-hand knowledge and experience to ensure you have an unforgettable holiday or honeymoon.

Georgina India Subcontinent and Asia Sales & Product Manager 020 7337 9010

Georgina has travelled extensively around the world and across Asia (to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma and Singapore) and lived in western Australia for a year where she worked at a dolphin resort.

That is where she was once paid a surprise visit by a pod of dolphins. Looking up from the book she was reading in the sea – it was too hot to read on the beach - there was a moment of panic when she mistook them for sharks, but once that passed she was completely enthralled.

Asia is where her heart is at however, from awe-inspiring Yangon in Burma, glittering with golden stupas and following in the Beatles’ footsteps in Rishikesh to having her paddleboard hijacked by local children in the undiscovered Indonesian island of Sumba and meeting orangutans in Borneo.

Whether you’d like to go off-grid and find yourself in mystical realms, from the Ganges to the Himalayas or the ‘roof of the world’, Tibet, Georgina will draw on her expertise and knowledge to make your dreams a reality.

Peter Africa Sales and Product Manager 020 7337 9010

Peter has had an interest in travel from a young age, being bitten by the bug on family holidays, and he now has over 10 years’ experience in arranging luxury holidays in Africa with leading tour operators.

Peter finds Africa simply captivating, for its beautiful landscapes and its sheer variety – from the wildlife (his favourites are wild dogs and leopards), adventure and activities to the unique luxury lodges in the heart of the wilderness, where you can relax by the pool as animals stroll by. He has travelled all over Africa, from South Africa to Namibia, and from Kenya to Zimbabwe, with standout experiences including watching desert elephants make their way through the endless open plains of Damaraland and flying over Tsavo National Park before enjoying sundowners round the campfire.

Whether you’re after a classic safari or an epic African adventure, Peter will ensure you experience Africa in style. 

Dave Europe & Middle East Travel Expert 020 7337 9010

A fun fact about Dave is that he used to live in Spain and work in Portugal and then - lived Portugal and worked in Spain. Making the most of the open border between the two countries, he lived in Isla Canela in Andalucia, at the mouth of the Guadiana River, and then moved to Tavira, on Portugal’s Algarve coast, the quaint coastal towns of Carvoeiro and Alvor, also in the Algarve.

While in the Algarve, he travelled across Portugal and one of his favourite experiences was dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant overlooking the Douro River in Porto. Elsewhere, as well as soaking up the delights of Italy, including Sicily and the Amalfi Coast, he also has a soft spot for Scandinavia, where he has stayed in the iconic ICEHOTEL.

Dave has also ridden camels at the Dubai Desert Camp, stayed at the world-renowned Burj Khalifa and has been to the Ferrari World amusement park in Abu Dhabi which has the largest space frame structure ever built.

From visiting the villas and vineyards of Tuscany to exploring the deserts of Oman, Dave will turn your bucket list into reality.

Jenny 020 7337 9010

Jenny’s wanderlust was certainly fuelled early on - she comes from a big family, and was lucky enough to enjoy epic holidays from a young age, including camping and going on wildlife-spotting adventures in the USA's vast and spectacular national parks, taking in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and getting to experience an incredible helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

Jenny loves the vibe of cities such as New York and Seattle and the beautiful landscapes of New England, as well as the endless mountains of the Canadian Rockies and chic, cosmopolitan Vancouver, with whale watching in the ocean off the San Juan Islands on the US/Canadian border another particular favourite. 

Whether you’re after a classic Californian road trip up Highway One for an unforgettable honeymoon or an off-the-beaten-track family adventure in Canada's wildernesses, Jenny will draw on all her passion and expertise to tailor-make a holiday that goes above and beyond. 


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