Custom-made Golden Ring Vacations

Go on a truly unique road trip into the heart of Russia and experience another side to the country. The Golden Ring is a themed religious route visiting significant cities north-east of Moscow, during which you'll encounter unspoilt countryside dotted with ancient domed churches, monasteries, historic architecture, quaint cottages in ancient cities and dachas (Russian summerhouses), alongside the chance to experience traditional food and age-old handicrafts. It is in these ancient cities that the spiritual heart of the Russian Orthodox Church resides and many Russians visit in search of a lost idyll.

The Golden Ring was initially established by the Soviet Union to boost foreign tourist numbers and today it is still one of the most popular routes taken by foreign and domestic tourists in Russia. There are eight main cities officially listed as part of the Golden Ring, with Sergiyev Posad a highlight - it has numerous churches of note, and you can visit the colourful markets to pick up a Matroyshka doll, a traditional symbol of maternity, which is intricately painted with many faces.


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