When to go to Cyprus

In broad lines, Cyprus's climate is characterised by hot summers and mild winters.

There is a significant seasonal difference between mid-summer and mid-winter temperatures that range from 18° C inland to about 14° C on the coast. In winter they range from 8° to 10° C on the lowlands and 5°to 6° C on the mountains and in summer from 16° C on the central plain and 9°to 12° C elsewhere.

Daily temperatures during the hottest months of July and August range between 29°C on the central plain and 22°C on the Troodos Mountains, while in January, the coolest month, the indicative daily temperature is 10°C on the central plain and 3°C on the higher parts of the Troodos Mountains while the average minimum temperatures are between 5° C and 0° C.

Cyprus enjoys a very sunny climate compared with most countries, with 11.5 hours of bright sunshine per day over the six summer months. Even during the months of December and January, there is 5.5 hours of sunshine. We recommend visiting between April and October for the best of the Cypriot sunshine.


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