The alpine region of Paro offers deep river gorges that cut through the valley with the glacial waters of snow-capped Mount Jomolhari, where ancient Buddhist fortresses hark back to the days when Tibetan invaders fought over the land, and the architectural feat of the Taktsang Monastery (‘Tiger’s Nest Monastery’) perches magnificently on a sheer mountain drop.

Reaching the Taktsang Monastery is a spiritual journey in itself – a three hour hike climbs sharply up through beautiful blue pine forests, offering countless opportunities to admire the sweeping views of a kingdom steeped in history and mysticism. According to legend, the 17th century fortress has been regarded as a sacred Himalayan site since Guru Rinpoche meditated in the cave for three years, three months, three days and three hours – after arriving on the back of a tigress.

Discover the streets of Paro Town, lined with colourful painted shop fronts and charming restaurants, before exploring the rural countryside, peppered with quaint farmhouses and apple orchards. The fertile soil has lent itself to an abundance of paddy fields, producing the nation’s famous red rice.

The kingdom’s only international airport is located nearby, and the region has seen a number of boutique hotels spring up, offering visitors comfortable retreats from which to experience this incredible kingdom.

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