Burmese Beaches & Islands

Burma may be full of cultural gems and historic treasures, but you can also escape to the beach here – and Ngapali, with its beautiful palm-lined beaches of white sand fringing the pristine waters of the Bay of Bengal, alongside spectacular sunsets and luxurious hotels with stunning views, is one of our favourite spots.

Down south, the Mergui Archipelago – which is fractured into over 800 islands – teems with spectacular wildlife, like the Lesser Mouse-Deer which is endemic to the area. Its emerald waters are also perfect for sailing; enjoy bespoke trips on board the SY Meta IV, made from Thai teak wood. Unwind on the picturesque Honeymoon Beach (a romantic spot for couples, as its name suggests) and Turtle Beach, where you can watch turtle eggs hatching. 

While increasingly popular as a holiday spot among the jetsetters, Ngapali still has the air of a charming fishing village, as ox-drawn carts transport the locals along the beach and boats head out to catch fish that you’ll find on your plate later that day (discover some of the country’s freshest and tastiest seafood here). See villagers strolling home, or maybe a group of schoolchildren playing football. Ngapali’s laidback vibe means you won’t find numerous activities or an active nightlife here – this is a place of pure relaxation.   


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