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Highway one

America's best-loved drive

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I'm Max and this is my good lady, Melinda. We're about to hit the road - and you can come with us!

Hope you've packed, 'cos we're outta here. Who knows who we'll meet along the way.

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  • Guides

    Click on the Highway One guides and they will guide you on your way with tasty titbits of info about your destination.

  • Radio

    Get the authentic drivetime experience when you tune in. Look out for radio captions as you scroll.

  • Mailbox

    You've got mail! Hover over to read messages.

  • Streetview

    Click to view the location on Google Streetview.

And keep your eyes peeled for other
surprises along the way.

Side Navigation

One of the most popular routes is San Francisco to LA.

Use the pop out map to navigate.

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