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Come to Tamil Nadu & the Andaman Islands to find luxurious palaces and idyllic beachfront hideaways. 

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Location: Tamil Nadu & the Andaman Islands | India

Svatma is a beautiful showcase of Tamil Nadu style, while exhibiting sleek contemporary luxury, and as well as ornate rooms and exquisite food, you can indulge in memorable experiences from culinary classes to cultural demonstrations.

Best for: Service & Hospitality, Village Life, History & Heritage, Food & Wine

Leela Palace Chennai

Location: Tamil Nadu & the Andaman Islands | India

The Leela Palace, which sits on the seafront in Chennai, offers a luxurious retreat, as is characteristic of the Leela brand, from its opulent accommodation and impeccable service to its sweeping views over the city and the Bay of Bengal.

Best for: Spa & Wellness, Service & Hospitality, Beach, City Hotel

Barefoot at Havelock

Location: Tamil Nadu & the Andaman Islands | India

Fully embracing its ‘barefoot’ motto, take your shoes off at reception and wriggle into the beach bliss blanket that Barefoot at Havelock casts. A secret paradise on the off-the-beaten-track Andaman Islands, this resort uses environmentally sensitive and indigenous materials, making it one of the first ecologically-friendly resorts on these secluded islands.

Best for: Beach, Off the Beaten Track, Honeymoon, Setting & Views

Heritage Madurai

Location: Tamil Nadu & the Andaman Islands | India

This century-old resort sits in 17 beautiful acres in historic Madurai, surrounded by ancient trees, tumbling bougainvillea and strutting peacocks. Heritage Madurai has been elegantly designed to reflect a distinctive South Indian style.

Best for: History & Heritage, Spa & Wellness, Peace & Quiet, Setting & Views

La Villa

Location: Tamil Nadu & the Andaman Islands | India

La Villa inhabits a 19th-century mansion, and epitomises Pondicherry’s charming French colonial style as well as showcasing a range of eras and influences from across India and beyond.

Best for: Boutique Hotel, Service & Hospitality, History & Heritage, Setting & Views


Location: Tamil Nadu & the Andaman Islands | India

The Rajakkad estate is a countryside oasis in the lush forests and fragrant coffee plantations of the Palani Hills in southern India. The 18th-century Pallam Palace sits at the heart of the estate, and is a showcase of history and heritage.

Best for: Setting & Views, Service & Hospitality, Peace & Quiet, Off the Beaten Track


Location: Tamil Nadu & the Andaman Islands | India

Visalam is a beautiful heritage hotel in a restored merchant’s mansion in the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. The hotel encapsulates Chettinad’s rich and unique cultural history, characterised by the wealth and cultural fusion brought about by the area’s prosperous mercantile class. Situated between Trichy and Madurai, this hotel is perfectly located for exploring the region and for experiencing the famously complex and distinctive flavours of Chettinad cuisine.

Best for: Food & Wine, Cultural Immersion, Village Life, Off the Beaten Track


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