When to go to Rwanda

Better known as ‘the land of a thousand hills,’ Rwanda is beautifully lush and green but this means wet conditions all year round.

The wettest months are March, April, and May, along with October and November, and the period that is most likely to be dry is June to September. Those wanting to spend a little more time relaxing by Lake Kivu may want to aim for the drier season, but at even at this time good weather is by no means guaranteed.

The real priority is of course gorilla and chimp trekking which is unforgettable whatever the weather. Obviously photo quality will be slightly better when it’s not raining, but when it is wet there’ll be plenty of food about for chimps (so more chance of spotting them), and you can also get some fantastic snaps of post-shower gorillas preening themselves.

All in all, getting a bit wet is of little hardship when it comes to a magical gorilla trek, so our advice is to go whenever suits you. Just remember to pack a raincoat, and suss out the best weather proof camera and lenses before you go.


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