Walking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru

Riding safari at Ants Hill, South Africa

White water rafting in Costa Rica

Cycling across Bolivia's surreal Uyuni Salt Flats

Tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda

Incredible views of the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina

Hiking down Mount Kinabalu, Borneo

Kayaking off the coast of Cambodia

Luxury Adventure Holidays

Exsus and luxury adventure holidays go hand-in-hand: we’ve spent years tailor-making exciting luxury escapes for adventurous couples and families for whom activity and adventure is top of the holiday agenda.

In South America and Central America, we’d recommend trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, staying in treehouse hotels and whitewater rafting in Costa Rica, star-gazing in Chile’s mind-blowing Atacama Desert and taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Galapagos for THE definitive wildlife adventure holiday in South America.

Meanwhile Asia offers boundless options for adventure with smouldering volcanoes to climb in Indonesia, meeting the elephants in Thailand and thrilling wildlife encounters in Borneo.

And lets not forget Africa which offers the chance to stay in remote, handpicked camps in the very heart of the bush to exhilarating walking safaris and riding safaris in Botswana, Zambia and South Africa – and perhaps the ultimate adrenaline kick of tracking gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda.

Whatever type of luxury adventure holiday appeals to you, we can create a personalised trip of a lifetime incorporating your favourite activities in one seamless journey. Take a look at some of our sample adventure holidays below for inspiration or call and speak to an expert now on +44 207 337 9010.

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Luxury Adventure Holiday ideas (prices include flights, tours and luxury accommodation)


Explore Patagonia: South America Adventure Holiday

Argentina & Chile | 9 nights | From £4,395pp incl flights

The vast Patagonian steppe is a trekker's paradise with mile upon mile of jagged mountains, turquoise rivers, and glacial lakes to explore on foot. With luxury lodges as your base, this trip gives you the chance to experience some of the most inspiring scenery in the world: including the magnificent Perito Moreno glacier.

Mount Kinabalu, Borneo

Mount Kinabalu Climb: Tribes and Trekking Holiday in Borneo

Borneo | 14 nights | From £2,785pp incl flights

With South East Asia’s tallest mountain, and much myth and legend surrounding its ancient tribes, Borneo is irresistible for intrepid explorers. On this luxury Borneo adventure holiday, you’ll climb Mount Kinabalu just in time for sunrise, and have the privilege of staying with one of the country’s last remaining long-house tribes.

Machu Picchu: Inca Trail Trek

Peru | 10 nights | From £3,175pp incl flights

Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in style. Discover ancient ruins, traverse through mountains and along winding rivers, as well as different climactic zones, and experience the thrill of arriving at Machu Picchu on foot. And with knowledgeable professional guides and porters to carry your equipment and supplies, you're free to absorb the heritage of the Incas and take in the breathtaking Andean scenery, where you'll camp each night under the stars.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos and the Andes: Luxury Holiday in the Galapagos and Ecuador

Galapagos and Ecuador | 12 nights | From £4,140pp incl flights

This holiday sees you cruising the waters of the Galapagos aboard the M/C Galapagos Seaman Journey, marvelling at giant tortoises, penguins, sea lions and marine iguanas – and finishes with horse riding, hiking and mountain biking in the spectacular Ecuadorian Andes.

Luxury Costa Rica Road Trip

Costa Rica | 14 nights | From £2,494 pp incl flights

Uncover Costa Rica’s manifold natural wonders on this adventurous self-drive holiday, witnessing the dramatic volcanoes of Arenal and Poas, wandering unchartered territory in the surrounding national parks and digging your toes in the golden sand of the Nicoya Peninsula’s beaches.

Primates and Panoramas: Luxury Safari and Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Uganda | 8 nights | From £4,840pp incl flights

Watch zebras graze while you relax in your infinity pool, gaze into the eyes of a mountain gorilla just yards away, follow lions over the open plains, and track chimpanzees in the rainforest: welcome to Uganda. A drive through the lush rolling hills and charming villages of Uganda will make you wonder why people would see the country any other way.

Biking in Peru

Hiking, Biking and Rafting Peru: Andes Adventure Holiday

Peru | 8 nights | From £3,055pp incl flights

On this active holiday you’ll make the very most of rural Peru, indulging in both its natural and cultural treasures. As well as taking the train up to the ancient city of Machu Picchu, you’ll take on the stunning Urubamba Canyon by raft and explore the Sacred Valley on foot and by mountain bike, venturing past glistening glaciers, snow-capped peaks and pre-Inca salt mines. You’ll end your trip in Cusco, a charming city high up in the Andes that’s dotted with beautiful cathedrals, plazas and Inca-built walls.

Desert Adventure: Luxury Morocco Holiday

Morocco | 4 nights | From £2,374pp incl flights

Take your time on this luxury desert adventure: drifting from village to village and relaxing in the garden oases of traditional kasbahs, channelling Berber history as you camp under the stars, and basking in the solitude of Morocco’s endless desert landscapes.

Holiday in Wildest Cambodia: Temples, Gibbons, and Jungle

Cambodia | 15 nights | From £2,935pp incl flights

A wildlife packed adventure that explores Cambodia off the beaten track. Discover the ancient Angkor Wat temples, trek through dense jungle to encounter rare red gibbons, and along the way spot Irriwaddy dolphins, pygmy loris, and the elusive civet cat. Last but not least, the beautiful waterfalls and serene beaches of Koh Chang.

Orangutans, Borneo

Wildlife Holiday in Malaysia and Borneo: Orangutans, Jungle, and Beach

Malaysia and Borneo | 15 nights | From £3,690pp incl flights

This luxury holiday is the perfect introduction to Malaysia and Borneo: combining unforgettable wildlife, with beautiful beaches and luxury in between. Deep in the heart of the rainforest, you’ll come face to face with orangutans, and seek out the pygmy elephant on a nature river cruise; then it’s on to Kuala Lumpur for its eclectic mix of culture, before enjoying total relaxation on the stunning island of Tioman.

Conquering Kili: Luxury Kilimanjaro Trek

Kilimanjaro | 9 Nights | From £3,190 pp incl flights

We can tailor pretty much any Kilimanjaro climb, but the lesser-trodden Rongai route up the mountain’s Northern side is our particular favourite. Having passed the magnificent Mawenzi volcano, and reached the summit just in time for sunrise, the boring details we’ve taken care of along the way will be the last thing on your mind. Trust us though: expert guides, well looked-after porters, and full safety and medical equipment are vital ingredients for a truly magical trek.

Dunes & Lagoons: Adventure Holiday in Brazil

Brazil | 7 nights | From £4,715pp incl flights

This action-packed expedition along Brazil’s spectacular north coast will have you exploring  pristine beaches and electric blue lagoons by 4x4, getting up close and personal with caiman and monkeys and, for the most adventurous, trying out sand boarding on magnificent, rolling white sand dunes. You’ll catch your breath only to have it taken away again at the awe-inspiring techni-coloured pools of Grandes Lençois, the magical climax to an incredible journey...

Luxury Honeymoon in Indonesia | Exsus

Voyage to the Volcanoes: Luxury Indonesia Holiday

Indonesia | 13 Nights | From £3,650 pp incl flights

On this luxury holiday or honeymoon to Indonesia, the land of volcanoes, you’ll explore the legends surrounding the smoke-puffing giants – along with sublime natural landscapes, pristine beaches and ancient temples. From Bali to Java, you can expect adventure and culture on this exciting holiday or honeymoon, as well as beautiful beaches and world class dining.

Coral Reefs and Culture: Mozambique Island Hopping

Mozambique | 9 Nights | From £2,700 pp incl flights

Drifting out to sea on a creaking dhow, fishing in the crystal waters, before wading onto a sand-bank to grill the day’s catch... For a sense of total freedom, and time-warp culture back on land, there’s nothing quite like island hopping in Mozambique.

Exotic Holiday Adventure to Guatemala and Honduras

Guatemala and Honduras | 14 nights | From £3,265 pp incl flights

Explore the best that Guatemala and Honduras have to offer, with an exotic holiday adventure to its tropical rainforest, Mayan ruins and coral reefs. You’ll visit colourful colonial towns, climb ancient ruins and mingle with forest life, topping things off with a stay on the palm-fringed beaches of a tropical Caribbean island.

Gorilla Trekking and Golden Sands: Rwanda and Zanzibar Adventure

Rwanda & Zanzibar | 12 nights | From £5,180pp incl flights

If you’re at all curious about wildlife, then gorilla trekking is a must. One of Africa’s most varied, rewarding and fascinating experiences is just a flight or two away. After the exertion and exhilaration of your trek fly down to Zanzibar, to snooze on the island’s sandy shores and explore the winding alleyways of Stone Town.

Holiday in Nicaragua: Colonial Cities, Volcanoes and Rainforests

Nicaragua | 11 nights | From £3,225pp incl flights

On this exciting itinerary, conquer looming volcanoes, explore beautiful colonial cities, spot wildlife in the rainforest and choose from any number of amazing activities, from horse riding to hiking, zip lining to snorkelling.

Namibia by Road

Namibia | 13 nights | From £3,770pp incl flights

Namibia is the perfect road-trip country. There are miles of decent roads and breathtaking scenery at every turn. Drive through rugged mountains, past a sea of rolling sand dunes, and across the endless Etosha salt pan. Stop to snap elephants bathing in the waterholes, to radio-track leopard at Okonjima, and to kayak with the seals at Swakopmund. This is the best of Namibia in one glorious journey.

Panama and Costa Rica Luxury Holiday

Panama and Costa Rica | 13 nights | From £3,970 pp incl flights

This luxury holiday sees you exploring the northern coast of Panama and Costa Rica, discovering the virgin jungle and azure tropical waters of Caribbean Central America.  Rich in wildlife, both above and below the ocean, Panama and Costa Rica give you the chance to embrace nature in a beautiful tropical setting, with scope for plenty of activities including amazing diving and snorkelling.

Family Activity Holiday in Guatemala and Belize

Guatemala and Belize | 14 nights | From £2,895 pp incl flights

This luxury family holiday in Guatemala and Belize gives you an action packed fortnight the kids will love.  Anyone for diving into crystal clear lakes? Climbing ancient Mayan ruins?  Zip lining through caves? Or snorkeling with turtles on one of the world’s largest coral reefs?

Jungle, Culture and Diving Holiday in Belize and Guatemala

Belize & Guatemala | 8 nights | From £2,645pp incl flights

Taking you down to the depths of the ocean to meet the turtles, rays and whale sharks of the Mesoamerican Reef, then into the heart of jungle to see jaguars, monkeys and Mayan ruins, this wildlife, culture and diving holiday in Guatemala and Belize ticks all the boxes for a Caribbean adventure.

Exploring Guatemala and Belize: Adventure Holiday

Guatemala & Belize | 14 Nights | From £3,350 pp incl flights

A treat for the senses, this Guatemala and Belize holiday combines a colonial town bursting with colour, a sapphire-blue volcanic lake, Mayan temples hidden in swathes of emerald jungle and beaches scattered with palms. Throw in some of the best snorkelling and diving on the planet and you have an irresistible concoction of culture, adventure and beach.

Tiger Blue Indonesia

Sailing Holiday in Indonesia: Luxury Diving and Snorkelling Adventure

Indonesia | 11-16 nights | From £3,995pp incl flights

For adventurous sea lovers, this itinerary delivers the ultimate sailing experience. Now, you can explore the beautiful untouched islands of the Indonesian Archipelago aboard a traditional sail boat, the 12-berth Tiger Blue, and enjoy some of the most exciting diving and snorkelling in the world. We round off your trip with a luxury stay on-land.

The Galapagos and Ecuador: Land Based Adventure Holiday

Galapagos and Ecuador | 9 Nights | From £3,575pp incl flights

Think the Galapagos can only be explored by boat? Think again. If you’re crazy about wildlife, but less keen on the idea of a cruise, then this land-based adventure is a dream come true. Hopping between three islands, you’ll have unbelievable wildlife encounters the moment you step off the plane, from snorkelling with marine iguanas to sunbathing with huge colonies of sea lions.

Activity and Wildlife Holiday in Argentine Patagonia

Argentina | 14 nights | From £4,925pp incl flights

If you love the great outdoors, wildlife, and exploring under your own steam, this itinerary gets a gold star. Taking you on a journey from Buenos Aires around Argentine Patagonia, you’ll travel truly off the beaten track, enjoy incredible scenery, plenty of activities, abundant indigenous wildlife – and of course some great luxury hotels.

Mountains, Lakes and Gorilla Trekking: Luxury Uganda Safari

Uganda | 8 nights | From £7,790pp incl flights

An exciting adventure across remote and beautiful Uganda for an unforgettable gorilla encounter at Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge. And it’s not only gorillas: Uganda offers excellent game viewing and some of the most stunning scenery in Africa.

Straddling the Falls: Argentina and Brazil Luxury Adventure Holiday

Argentina and Brazil | 12 nights | From £5,075pp incl flights

A fun and frisky adventure holiday that sees you dancing the night away in Buenos Aires, galloping gaucho-style on the plains of Cordoba, and getting a full-on drenching at Iguazu Falls. All this is pretty exhilarating, so we’ve topped it off with a tropical beach-flop in Brazil's Florianopolis.

Luxury Walking Safari in Botswana and Zambia

Botswana & Zambia | 14 nights | From £8,780pp incl flights

You’ll have a once in a lifetime experience every step of the way on this outstanding Botswana and Zambia safari. Stride with bushmen across the Makgadikgadi Pans, and stroll alongside elephants in the Okavango Delta, before crossing the border to Zambia via the Victoria Falls for a superb Robin Pope Walking safari.

Invigorating Indonesia: Active Holiday to Java and Bali

Indonesia | 13 nights | From £3,275pp incl flights

On this active Indonesia holiday, you won’t just see the country’s majestic sites, but get to experience them in the most invigorating and unforgettable ways. This involves riding past the Java’s Borobudur temple on elephant-back, cycling through rice paddies to the lesser explored temple of Prambanan, and taking a gentle trek to the turquoise crater lake at the Ijen Plateau. Finally on Bali, you’ll stay in a diving hot-spot, and have the chance to go white-water rafting in the adventure capital of Ubud.

Chile, night sky

Stargazing in Northern Chile: Atacama Desert and Coast Holiday

Chile | 12 nights | From £3,995pp incl flights

Northern Chile's landscapes aren’t just stunning under-foot: look up and you’ll find some of the clearest and most spellbinding night skies in the world. For the ultimate stargazing experience, you’ll be staying in a cooler-than-cool geodesic tent (telescopes included!) and then it’s on to the legendary lunar landscapes of the Atacama Desert. Anything else to home in on? Some of Chile’s hidden stars, including surf and seafood heaven on the Concón coast.

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Holiday in North East Brazil

Brazil | 11 nights | From £2,595pp incl flights

This Brazil itinerary sees you spending time in Salvador, Brazil’s music and culture capital, before you head off to the wild and beautiful virgin coastline of the North East coast around Jericoacoara. One of the best places in the world for windsurfing and kitesurfing, North East Brazil is still relatively undiscovered – and better still, relatively good value.

Gorilla and Chimp Trekking: Luxury Rwanda Adventure

Rwanda | 9 nights | From £5,050 pp incl flights

Ever watched a documentary about chimps and gorillas, and been captivated by how human-like they are? Imagine actually seeing them in their natural environment: holding your breath as they come closer, and perhaps exchanging a knowing glance. This privileged Rwanda experience is definitely worth the trek – not least for the mountain views.

Connoisseur's Kenya: Luxury Safari Adventure

Kenya | 9 nights | From £6,490pp incl flights

Kenya has many of the African big names which draw visitors from across the world, but at Exsus, we’d like to show you those special places that few other travellers see.

Best of Bolivia: Cities and Salt Flats, Markets and Mines

Bolivia | 10 nights | From £4,395pp incl flights

Soak up the markets at La Paz, a city of fascinating extremes, take in the surreal landscapes of the Uyuni salt flats and explore the faded glory of Potosi. This is not a destination for luxury hotels; the luxury in Bolivia is the experience of being here.

Mountain Lodges of Peru: Machu Picchu Holiday

Peru | 11 nights | From £3,840pp incl flights

Today, the lost city of the Incas has well and truly been found, with the main trail up to the Andean treasure of Machu Picchu now well-used by Peru's adventurous visitors. On this trek though, you'll reach it by an alternative Inca trail, and rather than sleeping under canvas, you’ll stay in some charming lodges as you hike further and further up into the mountains. You'll also take in the beautiful city of Cusco, where you’ll find a fantastic amalgamation of Incan and colonial architecture and influences.

Costa Rica and Galapagos: Wildlife Adventure Holiday

Costa Rica, Ecuador & Galapagos | 13 nights | From £5,380pp incl flights

Twin Costa Rica and an expedition cruise through the Galapagos Islands for one of the most exciting wildlife experiences on the planet. A fusion of tropical jungles and white beaches, rare wildlife and thrilling activities and eco-lodges and a cruising yacht, this wildlife adventure holiday nestled in Pacific Ocean is hard to beat.

Luxury Argentina Polo Holiday

Argentina | 7 nights | From £4,499pp incl flights

If like the Argentinians you live and breathe polo, and want to hone your technique with world professionals, then this luxury polo experience will definitely appeal. ‘Throw in’ just outside of Buenos Aires, where you’ll stay on one of Argentina’s most exclusive country estates, before commencing the final chukka in the mountainous region of Cordoba to witness the authentic lifestyle of a traditional gaucho.

Walking Safaris and Waterfalls: Safari Adventure in Zambia

Zambia | 11 nights | From £4,750pp incl flights

Zambia is Africa’s hidden gem, little known, but with so much to offer. For those who want to have a seriously exciting African adventure, this itinerary combines the top-notch guiding and seriously good game viewing of the South Luangwa with a visit to Victoria Falls.

Horse riding, Andes

Equestrian Ecuador: Horse Riding Holiday in the Andes

Ecuador | 11 nights | From £4,125pp incl flights

This active itinerary is one for those looking for a holiday on horseback. Beginning in the Ecuador’s elegant colonial capital, Quito, you’ll head into the magical Ecuadorian wilderness for a week in the saddle, exploring gorges, forests and plains, and treading past huge lagoons, snow-capped volcanoes, ancient Incan forts and fascinating traditional villages. Each night you’ll stay in a different hacienda tucked away in the most spectacular of natural environments. Let the ride begin...

Botswana Camping Safari

The Ultimate Wilderness Experience: Luxury Camping in Botswana and Zambia

Botswana & Zambia | 11 nights | From £4,290 pp incl flights and all meals

With nothing but canvas and the flicker of storm-lanterns between you and Botswana’s pristine wilderness, you’ll have an incredible connection with the bush on this mobile camping safari. Staying in seriously comfortable tents, you'll take in the extraordinary wildlife of the Okavango Delta, before witnessing the magnificent Victoria Falls.

Cambodia Adventure Holiday: Date with the Khmers

Cambodia | 11 nights | From £2,950 pp incl flights

Embark on the ultimate Khmer experience with our 11-night luxury adventure holiday through captivating Cambodia. From forgotten jungle temples and the colonial cool of Phnom Penh to untouched beaches and seductive floating river lodges, Cambodia is the perfect cultural South East Asian escape.

Giants of Chile: Easter Island and Atacama Desert Holiday

Chile | 10 nights | From £4,499pp incl flights

Incorporating two of Chile’s biggest draws, this adventure holiday is guaranteed to blow your mind. Experience some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ve ever seen: deep in the Atacama Desert, with its mesmerising volcano sunsets, and the surreal Valle de la Luna. After this, you’ll be dropped on ‘the navel of the world:’ the ultra-remote island of Rapa Nui, where giant Moai statues have captivated generations of travellers.

Highlights of Ecuador and the Galapagos Holiday

Ecuador and Galapagos | 15 nights | From £6,460pp incl flights

On this action-packed holiday, explore the Amazon rainforest and its colourful inhabitants, from parrots to monkeys. Then there are the rugged landscapes of Ecuador's highlands, and the stunning islands and exotic wildlife of the Galapagos... this is one for nature and animal lovers.

Peruvian Andes: Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca Holiday

Peru | 12 nights | From £3,685pp incl flights

On this holiday in the mountains, you’ll uncover the secrets of the Peruvian Andes. Travelling from the beautiful, sky-high city of Arequipa to colonial Cusco, you’ll get acquainted with the world’s deepest canyon, highest navigable lake and largest flying bird, along the way taking a ride on the Belmond Hiram Bingham train through snow-capped peaks, across vast plains and along meandering mountain rivers.

Active Africa Adventure to Zambia and Malawi

Zambia & Malawi | 14 nights | From £5,880pp incl flights

Little known Zambia and Malawi are the hidden treasures of Southern Africa- offering some of the continent’s finest game viewing and beautiful inland beaches, not to mention one of the world’s largest waterfalls. Take a look at our Active Africa itinerary to experience them both to the full.

Children at Machu Picchu, Peru

Family Adventure Holiday in Peru

Peru | 9 nights | From £3,185pp incl flights

No family photo album is complete without this: an unforgettable adventure holiday in Peru. Kicking off in colourful Lima and Cusco, you’ll raft down the Urubamba River and mountain bike through spectacular mountain scenery, before walking the Royal Inca Trail and sharing your first sight of breathtaking Machu Picchu. Fun and activity-packed, this family holiday has got something to keep the whole tribe happy.


Headhunters and Beyond: Borneo Holiday in Sabah and Sarawak

Borneo | 16 nights | From £2,999pp incl flights

We all love to brag about our holidays – and saying that you’ve hung out with an infamous headhunter tribe is pretty hard to beat! Snaking along the Sarawak River by land and long-tail boat, this Borneo expedition gives you an exciting mix of culture, natural spectacles, and simply stunning beaches.

Luxury Family Adventure Holiday in Vietnam

Vietnam | 12 nights | From £3,870pp incl flights

This nicely paced itinerary takes in the best of Vietnam: exploring Hanoi by rickshaw, kayaking between limestone hills, cycling through paddy fields and crawling through tunnels. All this plus some much-needed relaxation time on the beach.


Best of Zambia: Luxury Safari Holiday in Zambia

Zambia | 11 nights | From £6,890pp incl flights

With direct flights from London, world class guides, and largely undiscovered game reserves, Zambia is the ideal luxury safari destination. The South Luangwa National Park offers serious game viewing with some of Africa’s best walking guides, while the Lower Zambezi is a glorious waterside safari experience. Cap this off with a couple of nights at Victoria Falls, and we think you’ve got a pretty perfect itinerary.

Luxury Botswana Safari: Selinda Canoe Trail and the Okavango Delta

Botswana | 10 nights | From £4,995 pp incl flights

Thanks to a recent fluke of nature, which has seen the Okavango Delta flow into the once dry zones of the Selinda Spillway, you can now have a once in a lifetime adventure on the Selinda Canoe Trail. With the most luxurious camps at the beginning and end of your thrilling wilderness-ride, this Botswana safari is a rare opportunity not to be missed.

Salt Flats

South American Adventure: Sugar Loaf and Salt Flats

Brazil, Chile & Bolivia | 16 nights | From £7,810pp incl flights

The journey across Bolivia’s blindingly white salt flats dotted with multi-coloured lakes, giant cacti and black granite rocks used to be a backpacker-only route. Not any more. This adventurous itinerary takes in Rio, the Atacama Desert and on to Bolivia in customary Exsus style.

Ultimate Tanzania Safari Adventure

Tanzania | 14 nights | From £8,470pp incl flights

Exsus has known and loved Tanzania for 10 years. We’ve lived there, we’ve bought mangoes in the market, climbed Kilimanjaro and roamed far across the savannah. For such a special country, we don’t want to show you it at anything less than its best. Enjoy some of the finest game viewing and most breathtaking landscapes that Tanzania has to offer with this, our ultimate Tanzanian experience.

Classic Chile Holiday: Country of Contrasts

Chile | 11 nights | From £5,610pp incl flights

This classic Chile holiday delivers eye-popping scenery from the awesome Torres del Paine National Park, the lush green vineyards of Chile’s famous wine region and the jaw-dropping Atacama Desert. The perfect introduction for first-time visitors to amazing Chile.

Footsteps of Livingstone: Luxury Botswana Safari to the Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls

Botswana & Zambia | 12 nights | From £8,120 pp incl flights

On this luxury safari in Botswana and Zambia, you’ll follow in the footsteps of Doctor David Livingstone and explore some of the most game-rich and untouched regions in Africa. Staying in the most stunning and authentic tented camps, you’ll gain a fascinating insight into the history of the first Africa explorers as you embark on your own epic journey of discovery.

Namibia Wing Safari: Luxury Adventure Holiday

Namibia | 15 nights | From £10,875pp incl flights

Namibia is a photographer's dream and adventurer's paradise. Stunning landscapes, nomadic tribes and rare endangered animals make for an incredible journey into the wilderness. Take to the air to experience the dramatic scenery from above and witness one of the most remote and inaccessible places on earth.