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The Galapagos and Ecuador: Land Based Adventure Holiday

Galapagos and Ecuador  | 9 Nights  |  From £3,250 pp incl flights

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The Galapagos Islands offer the ultimate wildlife holiday or family adventure, renowned worldwide for their stunning array of land and marine life. Snorkel with penguins and sea lions, and get close to some of the most fascinating species on earth: from the marine iguana and the playful blue footed booby to the magnificent and iconic giant tortoise, Galapagos holidays offer the world’s most amazing and unique wildlife experiences.

One of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Galapagos can be visited year round, owing to their proximity to the equator. A stay here or a luxury cruise around the islands on a boat, yacht or catamaran combines perfectly with a few days in colourful Ecuador.

Luxury Cruises
The Exsus team have detailed knowledge and personal experience of the many luxury motor and sail boats which tour the Galapagos, and there are a number of considerations to bear in mind when choosing which Galapagos cruise is right for you. Recent regulation changes have affected the itineraries that each boat follows, meaning that routes and the duration of routes vary widely.

As well as following different routes, smaller boats tend to afford guests a higher level of flexibility on activities. The larger boats, on the other hand, may have more pre-determined activities but offer more facilities on-board. If diving's a priority, some boats include this activity and some do not; differences in water temperature may also affect the time of year you choose to travel. It’s worth bearing in mind generally that the time of year you visit the Galapagos will affect what wildlife you'll see.

We strongly recommend you call and speak to an expert on +44 207 337 9010 to discuss the right options for you. Alternatively click Enquire Now, or click here to read more about the boats we've handpicked to give you the best possible Galapagos cruise experience.

Galapagos Hotels
For some, such as families travelling with smaller children, land-based stays may be a better option than a cruise for your Galapagos holiday. Our Galapagos Safari Camp on Santa Cruz is an amazing way to experience the Galapagos’ unique wildlife without taking to the seas, but also works very well combined with a few days on a boat. Speak to us on +44 207 337 9010 for a tailor-made Galapagos holiday that suits you.

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Luxury Cruises

Most of the Galapagos luxury cruises offer different itineraries, taking in different highlights of the islands for varying lengths of time from four to 14 days. The Galapagos cruise boats also vary widely in terms of the number of passengers they take: the larger boats such as the MV Santa Cruz, offer more spacious accommodation and more facilities for larger groups of people, while the smaller boats such as the MV Grace, provide a more intimate wildlife experience. Some boats, the Eclipse for instance, are particularly good for families travelling with children. Our advice? To enjoy the best possible Galapagos experience, we strongly advise you to call and speak to an expert; that way we can help you choose the best luxury cruise for you. If you want to dive in the Galapagos only certain boats offer this option so be sure to mention this when tailor-making your itinerary.

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An archipelago of volcanic islands formed some six million years ago, the Galapagos are made up of 18 main islands around 997km from continental Ecuador, the largest of which – and youngest geologically speaking – is Isabela. With an area of around 4600 square kilometres, Isabela was formed after the merger of several volcanoes and is consequently the most volcanic island in the Galapagos. Hiking to the top of Sierra Negra, the second largest volcano crater in the world, is hard work but well worth it for the extraordinary views down into the crater’s gaping mouth. Isabela also has some of the nicest beaches in the Galapagos plus great snorkelling and horse riding.

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San Cristobal

Named in honour of Christopher Columbus, San Cristobal is the easternmost island in the Galapagos and the smallest compared with Santa Cruz and Isabela. With a sleepy, friendly charm, San Cristobal offers some great options for kayaking and snorkelling; you can also dive with hammer-head sharks – a phenomenal experience! Just off the coast is a small spit of land called Isla Lobos, a great place to see colonies of sea lions playing in the calm, shallow water. With the only freshwater lagoon in the Galapagos, El Junco lagoon sits 700m above sea level in the highlands and a visit here affords fantastic views.

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Santa Cruz

To see Giant Tortoises roam freely in the wild, head for Santa Cruz. The island of Santa Cruz also hosts the largest human population in the Galapagos and is home to the Charles Darwin Research Station; Charles Darwin arrived in the Galapagos in the 1830s and his research here inspired his writings on the theory of evolution by natural selection. A visit to the lava tunnels helps to provide some insight into how these volcanic islands were originally formed. Santa Cruz is also where you’ll find the squeaky clean white sands of Tortuga Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of the Galapagos. Want to stay on dry land before or after a cruise? We love the eco-luxury tented Galapagos Safari Camp set in the highlands.

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