Luxury Holidays in South East Asia

Warning: South East Asia is highly addictive.

Whether it’s a rickshaw ride through hectic Hanoi, a fascinating adventure amidst the ancient Angkor temples or diving and snorkelling in some of the warmest, clearest seas on the planet, Asia is jam-packed with culture, adventure - and variety.

From Vietnam and Thailand honeymoons, family adventure holidays in Cambodia or Laos or luxury travel through BorneoIndonesia or Malaysia, you will enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches and most incredible luxury hotels in the world, fast-paced cities, tranquil village life and mouthwatering food. Asia has it all.

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Thailand Twin-Centre Holiday: Bangkok and Beach

Thailand | 10 nights | From £1,825 per person incl flights

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Cambodia is more than just Angkor, though the world's largest temple complex is a must on any itinerary. Spend a few days in the charismatic capital, Phnom Penh, with its tree-lined boulevards, French-colonial architecture and cafe culture, or head to sleepy fishing villages and unspoilt beaches where you’ll find luxury hotels on the Bay of Thailand for the perfect luxury tailormade holiday or honeymoon combining culture, adventure and beach.

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A luxury holiday or honeymoon in Indonesia, a mind-blowing archipelago of more than 17,000 islands graced with majestic volcanoes and pristine beaches, delivers an intoxicating mix of cultures, landscapes and extraordinary wildlife that's hard to beat. Bali and Lombok have some of the best beaches in the world, but there's also a vibrant gourmet scene and the magnificent cultural heart of Ubud.

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Prepare to fall in love with Laos: a delightful mix of quaint streets in French-style towns, rivers running through forest-clad mountains and limestone caves, enigmatic history on the Plain of Jars and a colourful, exotic culture that is just waiting to be discovered; after years of isolation, thanks to its natural beauty and friendly charm, Laos is finally emerging as a must-visit gem in the heart of Indochina.

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Orangutans, Borneo


Borneo is the place to head for a holiday filled with wilderness, wildlife, adventure and beaches. Pristine rainforests conceal unique endangered species, including orangutans, pygmy elephants and the extraordinary proboscis monkey. Snorkelling and diving is equally amazing in Borneo, with the unique opportunity to swim with whale sharks and manatees, go on night dives amongst graceful manta rays, and even explore unchartered shipwrecks that swarm with yet more marine life.

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A luxury holiday, Malaysia style, comes highly recommended. Malaysia is a melting pot of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western cultures; of pristine beaches, ancient rainforest, exclusive, luxury hotels, rustic lodges and a futuristic, cosmopolitan capital in Kuala Lumpur on the Malaysian Mainland. The mix works. Locals are friendly and welcoming, the service is exceptional and the food worth the extra inch on your waistline. Hit Kuala Lumpur hard for a fab few days before heading to lush tea plantations and colourful markets in the Cameron Highlands. 

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It's no secret: Thailand is quite simply fabulous for an incredible luxury holiday, exciting family adventure or romantic luxury honeymoon. First there's the soft white sand beaches of Southern Thailand, such as Krabi, the turquoise water (the diving and snorkelling in Thailand is some of the best you'll find in the world), the backdrop of postcard-palms and dramatic cliffs. And then there's frenetic Bangkok - and the lush rainforests, ancient hill tribes and beautiful elephant treks in Northern Thailand around the Golden Triangle.

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A luxury holiday in Vietnam's got va va voom. You could be cycling through French colonial Hanoi amid thousands of locals on bikes, or enjoying a peaceful cruise through the dramatic cliff scenery of Halong Bay. In South Vietnam, you'll find Vietnam's thronging capital, Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) and the Mekong Delta with its floating markets and some beautiful beach and island escapes, while a holiday in Central Vietnam is a cultural, historical and visual feast, with the elegant cities of Hue and Hoi An leading the field.

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Hong Kong and Macau

Owing to its divided history, Hong Kong is a fascinating melting pot of oriental culture and western glamour, attracting worldwide travellers on mini breaks or South East Asia jaunts. A short ferry hop from Hong Kong lies Macau, an intriguing blend of European and Chinese culture. Known by many as a centre for gambling in its vast and numerous casinos, Macau's historic streets have far more to offer than just a glitzy night out.

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Slick and polished, Singapore fuses stylish modernity with its colonial heritage, and serves as a superb destination for stopovers en route to Australia and other parts of South East Asia. Today however, this futuristic urban playground delivers much more than convenience – the shadows of its towering skyscrapers concealing a whole collection of discoveries for discerning travellers and food lovers.

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The land of the rising sun, where the past meets the future, where ancient gods jostle for attention with cutting edge technology, and where centuries-old temples sit serenely in the middle of bustling cities, a luxury Japan holiday is an unforgettable experience. Famed as the home of karaoke, sushi and cherry blossoms, Japan has much more up its sleeve besides, and continues to baffle and delight visitors in equal measure.

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