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For the simple pleasures of sun, sea and sand, it’s hard to beat luxury holidays or a honeymoon in the Caribbean. From the buzzing glamour of the west coast of Barbados to exclusive hideaways in St Vincent and the Grenadines; foodie heaven in chic St Barths to sailing heaven in the British Virgin Islands; a luxury family holiday in Antigua (our top pick for families) to an exclusive honeymoon in the Turks and Caicos (our top pick for honeymooners), the Caribbean offers an amazing cascade of choice and our experts can help you handpick the best luxury Caribbean hotels to suit you.

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Tropical Retreat: Luxury Escapist Holiday in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico | 7 nights | From £2,245 pp incl flights

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Anguilla, Caribbean


Anguilla is smaller than some of its Caribbean counterparts, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in excellent restaurants, luxury hotels and pure white, talcum powder sand. The best beaches in the Caribbean? Probably. Now attracting a salubrious crowd, Anguilla still manages to retain much of its sleepy backwater charm.

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As a coral-based island, Antigua’s beaches are the purest white you can get – and with 365 to choose from, it doesn’t get much better than this. Throw in some fantastic heritage, mix in direct flights, add great restaurants and some of the best luxury hotels in the Caribbean and you’ll understand why Antigua has never lost its touch. Antigua is also our number one island for luxury family holidays in the Caribbean.

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If you can't get away from it all with a luxury holiday on one of the Bahamas' 700 islands and 2500 cays, then there really is no excuse. Yes, the likes of Nassau and Paradise Island are fairly developed, but it's still possible to find hidden gems like Harbour Island, get lost in the mangrove forests on a kayak or snorkel and dive in pristine aquamarine waters.

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Direct flights, fabulous glamorous luxury hotels and restaurants, lively but laid-back: you can’t go wrong with a luxury holiday or honeymoon in Barbados. Stay in one of the many luxurious hotels on the world-famous west coast, playground of the rich and famous, with its palm-fringed beaches lapped by the mill-pond waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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Not yet that developed as a tourist destination, ‘the spice island’ of Grenada is spectacular in its beauty, tranquility and simple Caribbean charm. Moutainous and volcanic, with dramatic crater lakes, waterfalls, gorges and lush tropical rainforests, Grenada is perfect for couples and families wishing to relax on white sand beaches and swim in emerald seas – the ideal luxury beach holiday away from the crowds.

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Sister island to the larger St Kitts, small, laid-back Nevis is the epitomy of simple Caribbean charm, and a luxury holiday or honeymoon here will not disappoint. Nevis is old fashioned – but in a delightful way, being home to intimate island inns, colonial architecture, unspoiled tropical rainforest and golden-sand beaches.

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St Barths, Caribbean

St Barths

Chic. Fashionable. Sexy. Glamorous. All words that aptly describe the small, very French island of St Barths. With excellent beaches, fabulous luxury hotels, St Tropez style shopping (and great people watching), St Barths is also a foodie’s paradise.

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St Lucia

St Lucia

Located between St Vincent and Martinique, St Lucia is a strikingly handsome island, dominated by its most famous of landmarks, the twin Pitons – two towering volcanic cones which provide a dramatic backdrop to the pretty beaches and coves found along the coastline. A great honeymoon destination, there are plenty of luxury hotels to choose from, the question is which one?

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St Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean

St Vincent & the Grenadines

Like a sprinkling of crystals in the azure Caribbean Sea, St Vincent and the Grenadines are a string of blissfully unspoilt and beautiful islands in the south-east Caribbean and a great choice for a luxury beach holiday. Access to the Grenadines is by small shared charter flights from Barbados, but worth the effort for the idyllic beaches, dazzling blue waters and perfect sailing conditions.

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Turks and Caicos, Caribbean

Turks & Caicos

For some of the most exquisite beaches in the Caribbean, book a luxury holiday to the Turks and Caicos. Relatively new to tourism, only eight of the 40 islands and cays are inhabited so the atmosphere is low key and beaches unspoilt. In fact, the Turks & Caicos are top of our list for a luxury honeymoon in the Caribbean. The coral reefs that surround the islands are also a diving mecca, and cooling trade winds keep humidity to a minimum.

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Puerto Rico, Caribbean

Puerto Rico

A luxury holiday to Puerto Rico is unlike any other Caribbean experience, for this alluring archipelago has been moulded by a colourful history of culture. Claimed by Columbus in the 1400s and then won by the US some four centuries later, both Latino and American influences are prominent, yet the laidback Caribbean way of life still prevails.

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